Naughty bookworm Bree Olson fucking her teacher

Bree Olson Bookworm
Mr. Byron is a pain in the ass as a teacher. He expects an awful lot from his students and he’s always yelling in class. Cute blonde student Bree Olson is too perky to be brought down by a hard ass teacher. In fact, she’s determined to do something about his surly demeanor. During a particularly loud and annoying rant she decides that she’s going to seduce her teacher. She puts her plan in action one day after class and it works flawlessly. Turns out he’s always had a crush on her and when she offered her bookworm pussy for the taking he couldn’t resist the horny bookworm.

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Mrs. Summer Storm fucking her student after class

Mature blonde teacher Mrs. Summer Storm
Mrs. Summer Storm is used to her students having crushes on her; she’s totally hot after all. But when one of her students hides a note in the paragraphs of his term paper she can’t help but be flattered. She asks him to stay after class one day and the hot professor is soon slobbering all over his cock. Mrs Storm doesn’t always fuck her students, but when she finds the right guy she shows him the time of his life. The truth is, Mrs.Storm likes to be fucked by a student; they’re so passionate about sex it’s refreshing. Summer Storm teacher sex episode brought to you by My first sex teacher!

Jaclyn Case seducing her teacher

Bookworm bitch Jaclyn Case
Jaclyn Case is in her health and human body class when the professor puts an image of a male penis on screen. He likes for his class to have visual guides to assist in their learning, and when Jaclyn sees it her mouth waters. She wants to know how a cock like that tastes and she wants to feel it in her pussy. She seduces the teacher after class and it’s been so long since he’s fucked a woman that he puts up no resistance. Her body is extremely hot – underneath that nerdy sheen is a total hottie – and before long she’s being fucked by her teacher.

My first sex teacher Mrs. India Summer fucking the Janitor

India Summer fucking the Janitor
Horny teacher Mrs. India Summer walks into her classroom after a bathroom break to find the janitor working on a math problem. He actually solves the problem and she’s so impressed with his intelligence that she immediately wants to fuck him. She likes to fuck her students, but the janitor will be just as pleasurable, especially since he’s no doubt got a bigger cock than the college boys. Mrs.Summer has him lie on her desk and she sucks his cock, working it passionately with her talented mouth. Once he’s hard Mrs Summer switches positions with him and the slutty teacher is getting fucked hard.
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Anal sex with horny teacher Mrs. Druuna

Mrs. Druuna mature sex teacher
Mrs. Druuna had a fling with a young man
over the summer and the sex was the best of her life. On the first day of school the professor sees that her fling has joined her class and the slutty teacher can’t help but be worked up all through the hour long lecture. She dreams about his cock in her pussy while trying to teach geography and when the bell rings Mrs.Druuna is relieved that she can finally have him again. Their after class sex session is hot and heavy with the horny professor sucking his cock and the horny student fucking her tight pussy. Brought to you by My First Sex Teacher

Schoolgirl Pinky Lee Fucked

Schoolgirl Pinky Lee
Class is kind of boring, which is why Pinky Lee falls asleep during the lecture. While napping she has a dream of fucking the professor and when she wakes up she’s determine to make it come true. She’s a little bit of a nerd, but she doesn’t let that stop her. It turns out this bookworm bitch is a sexual dynamo and her talents run deep. She gives the teacher a world class blowjob and when his dick is at its rock hard peak she climbs into his lap and takes him for a ride. Her pussy is in heaven as his stiffness slides in and out of her.
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