Courtney Simpson Sucking Teachers Cock

Bookworm Courtney Simpson
Courtney Simpson always thought her rich uncle’s donations would ensure her good grades at the university. However, she’s discovered that in Professor Spears’ class she’s going to have to work a little harder. She’s not actually interested in studying though, so she decides that she’ll fuck for grades. She seduces the teacher the second week of class and while he’s a hard ass he’s not going to turn down the chance to fuck a tight young college student. He bones the blonde in every position, enjoying the warmth of her pussy. This hot video can only be seen inside Naughty Bookworms!

Horny Redhead Counselor Mrs. Kitty Caulfield

Kitty Caulfield
Jack was recently dumped by his girlfriend and his grades are suffering as a result. Mrs. Kitty Caulfield is his counselor and she wants to help him in any way possible. The beautiful redhead slut knows how to do one thing very well – fuck – and she figures that if anything will jump start this young man it’s a chance to fuck a hot teacher. Not surprisingly he’s happy to receive Mrs.Caulfield’s attentions and his dick responds by getting hard as a rock. Her mouth does a great job of getting him hard and her pussy keeps him there. Watching Mrs Caulfield fuck is a grand pleasure. Visit My First Sex Teacher now and see her in action, on video!

Dani Woodward screwed after school

Bookworm Bitch Dani Woodward
Somehow Dani Woodward managed to find her professor’s home and now she’s in his living room attempting to seduce him. She knows that no man can resist her beautiful body and he’s certainly not going to be the first. She unzips his fly and pulls out his cock, swallowing the soft head and running her tongue all over it. He gets rock hard in no time at all; it’s not often you see a student sucking the teacher’s cock. Eventually Dani pulls her head from his lap and switches one warm hole for another. Her pussy feels even better than her mouth. We know you’ll love Dani Woodward in this Naughty Bookworms Episode!

Ava Devine having sex with her students

My First Sex Teacher Ava Divine
Mrs. Ava Devine is a gorgeous human sexuality professor. Each year she picks a new student to be her personal fuck toy, and this year it’s the beautiful Kayden Faye. While Mrs.Devine and Kayden are having their afternoon dalliance the previous year’s fuck toy, Christian, barges into the classroom. He knows how Mrs Devine works and he’s not surprised to see the hot lesbian action going on. He wants to fuck his former naughty teacher and she would love to have another student join the fun. Kayden is also happy to have another student join in the fun.

Angelina Valentino seducing her professor

Angelina Valentino seducing her professor
Sexy Angelina Valentino is transferring to another school next week and all semester she’s been dreaming about fucking her professor. Now that she’s going to be leaving the school district she decides it’s time to seduce the teacher. At first she’s coy and flirty and when he seems interested she unbuttons his shirt and urges him to have a look under her dress. There he finds she’s not wearing any panties, a sure sign she’s interested in fucking her teacher. After a blowjob he puts her ass on the desk and pounds her tight pussy.

Puma Swede giving sex lessons

Sex Teacher Puma Swede
Mrs. Puma Swede is a beautiful busty blonde and her task is to teach young men how to fuck properly. So many of them have no idea what they’re doing in the bedroom and a woman like Mrs Swede is the only one that can teach them. She normally teaches Swedish class, but after each session she likes to pull a student aside and give him a lesson. Today’s student is lucky enough to see her do a sexy striptease before she pulls out his cock and begins to suck him off. A titty fuck follows and then he gets to take a dip in Mrs.Swede’s hot pussy.

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